Inexpensive Art Online

Inexpensive Art Online

There’s no excuse for living for months or years on end with bare walls because you’re waiting to find the perfect pieces of art. Those pieces await you on these sites, and for such low prices that it doesn’t matter if they’re not perfect next year. Enjoy these sites and, more importantly, use them to help you love your space!

These are my favorite sites for buying inexpensive art online:


This is where you go for the well known stuff, from Monet to Klimt to your favorite cover of Rolling Stone magazine. is actually the same company with the same merchandise, in case you were wondering which one was better.

I love browsing the black and white photography archives. I recently purchased this print for only $24.99 (less, actually, because they were having one of their 20% off sales).

I do love that you have the option to “Frame it” on They have a great tool for selecting from the hundreds of framing options they offer and the variety of mats. Best of all, it allows you to view the piece on a colored background that mimics your walls, which is something you should do, whether you’re going to buy their frame or not.

Some of my other favorites include their wall murals, like this one, for major impact:


For price and quality, this site is quite unbeatable. You can get a poster-sized print of one of your digital images for under $20!!

You can also turn your photos into canvas art, as we did with two of Steven and Chris’ vacation photos.

The site is so easy to use because it gives you lots of print size options, including sizing according to your digital camera, and it tells you whether the image you’ve uploaded is going to look good at the size you want to print it.

Remember, if you want to avoid pixelated prints, you should use the highest resolution settings on your camera when you’re shooting and you should also upload the original file (or at least a file the size that you want to print) to this site. Something copied from Facebook just won’t do!

Steven had some great tips for shooting your own art photography, which is something he loves to do, especially while on vacation. He says:

  • Shoot in high resolution
  • Play with your camera settings on the spot for the best light or for cool effects
  • Leave the people out of the photographs, especially if you’re printing large scale. (Steven’s waited for up to 20 mins for people to clear out of his shot)
  • Focus in on singular objects for more impact.

Check out these photographs Steven shot on vacation. Two were turned into canvases by Posterjack and the other was printed to fit this Ikea Ribba frame, which was only $34.99.

3. Grace Announcements

This site offers the most adorable original art for children’s rooms, ranging from 8″ x 10″ prints for $10 to 24″ x 36″ for $70, and best of all – they’re customizable!

Here are just some of the styles that you can order with your own child’s name or as a thoughtful (and inexpensive!) gift for someone else:


Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite site for buying inexpensive art… and gifts and jewelry and ceramics and vintage clothes and housewares and much, much more! The entire Steven and Chris team is pretty much addicted to browsing the thousands of international artists and sellers who keep virtual shop on Etsy.

I love buying art on Etsy because there are so many creative and original works from talented artists and the pricing is unfathomably low. Photography, lithographs, mixed media, papercuts – there are so many really special pieces waiting to be discovered.

The hardest thing about browsing Etsy is finding everything! The are thousands of sellers on the site, so I like to search the favorites of people whose art I like find other artists; I search the Treasury lists; I follow Etsy on Twitter and I hound the people I work with to share their discoveries. There’s something new to love and desire every day!

And what’s really wonderful about ordering from Etsy artists is that even if print you want isn’t automatically offered in multiple sizes, which many are, you can converse with the seller to get the size you need for your space.

Here are some of my favorites that I shared on the show…

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